Sheesham wood dhol is the very famous barrel drum musical instrument in India perhaps being the native tree of India Sheesham wood has remained an ideal elements for musical instruments from the centuries, scientifically it is known as Dalbergia sissoo also READ MORE

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT IN AMRITSAR, PUNJAB, INDIA August 9, 2016 Musical instrument in India is deep rooted down here with the mythological, historical, cultural, traditional and modern values of Indian people, music here is religion there is not even a single function and READ MORE


India has always been a country rich in culture and music here, is no exception. There are many different types of music and musical instrument in India that one can hardly get bored of. Talk about Indian classical music or filmy music, READ MORE

Harmonium Types

There are Some Kinds Of Harmoniums Baby Harmonium, 7 Stopper Harmoniums, 9 Stopper Harmoniums, Folding Harmonium, Scale Changer Harmonium, Artist Grade Harmoniums | Triple (3) Reed Harmoniums | Standard (Stand-up) Harmoniums |  Quadruple (4) Reed Harmonium | Professional Grade Harmoniums | Kirtan Harmoniums | Folding (Portable) Harmoniums | Double (2) Reed Harmoniums  | Delhi Harmoniums | Concert READ MORE